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Emma Blythe is an American London based menswear fashion designer and upcycling artist. Her work researches the ways in which fashion can be used as a positive force within the discourse on gender inequality and cultural harm.

Aware of the power of emotional memory and the need for slow, sustainable fashion, Emma is researching ways to repurpose old and used items that she finds expressive to subvert their original purpose in order to reimagine a positive future with items from a recognizable past.
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Terrible Magazine
Dylan Fraser Custom Design
Dreck MAgagazine
Contributor Magazine
PAP Magazine
HEROINE Magazine
Colechi Clean Fashion Summit

GATA Magazine
LFW2023 DiscoveryLAB

07.2021 Exhibition
022 Editorial
04.2022 Music Video
05.2022 Editorial
07.2022 Editorial
09.2022 Exhibition
11.2022 Editorial
02.2023 Feature
04.2023 Exhibition
09.2023 Feature
09.2023 Showcase

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