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Emma Blythe x Chun-yin Chan

EbcyC is an ongoing collaboration between fashion designer Emma Blythe, and textile artist Chun-Yin Chan. Established in 2022, the first flower bag was created as one-off passion project that quickly and unexpectedly grew to reach multiple countries, with sightings at Paris and London Fashion Week. EbcyC is now stocked in shops both on and offline in London, Europe, New York, and soon to be more xx


The Flower Bag is the first outcome from a growing line of handcrafted and whimsically designed pieces. All products are made from used and worn denim sourced directly form a vintage denim collector in York, England, and are designed to utilize the unique signs of wear and age within the salvaged garments. Each piece is 100% unique, and made by hand in East London.


Fashion Designer

Emma is a fashion designer and upcycling artist currently based in London. Her work focuses on how fashion can be used to play a positive role in gender and social activism, while finding hopeful new paths for reworn and preused materials, crossing fields of fashion, film, and performance.

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Textile Artist

Chun is a textile artist and graphic designer with a passion for exploring the interplay between different media, textures, and cultural experiences. Born in England and raised in Hong Kong, Chun's work reflects his multicultural background, blending influences from both Western and Eastern aesthetics.

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